fire extinguisher sales & services

We provide recharging, recycling and hydro-testing of extinguishers. We also inspect and sell, new and refurbished fire extinguishers. 

Your extinguisher will need annual inspections, recharging every 6 years, and hydro-testing every 12.

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co2 extinguishers & taps


A popular need for many! CO2 filling for your needs such as; welding, hydroponics, kegs, and even fish tanks. 

We also sell new and used (with current test dates) full and ready to go cylinders. Call us now for any CO2 questions, or prices.

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Hydrostatic testing

Transport Canada approved hydrostatic testing, of both high and low pressure cylinders. This includes fire extinguishers, industrial cylinders, SCBA’s and dive tanks.

 It is a 42″ max for height, and tanks under one litre (such as spare airs) do not need to be hydro-tested.

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