273 Selby St. Nanaimo BC, V9R 2R2
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Store Services

Shop Services

Our friendly staff are always here to serve you and to look after your fire equipment. Give us a call or drop by. The following are a few services we perform in our shop.

Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Fire Hose testing machine in the mid island area.

Fire Hose Tester

To ensure your fire extinguishers are working efficiently, we perform in shop inspections of portable fire extinguishers, so bring them in. We are happy to help. If your fire extinguishers need replacing, we sell new and used ones and will refurbish your old one to avoid adding to the land fill concerns we face today.

Hydro- Testing

Transport Canada approved hydrostatic testing of both high and low pressure cylinders, fire extinguishers, industrial cylinders, SCBA’s and dive tanks. 42” max ht.

CO2 Filling

Recharging of CO2 for fire extinguishers and industrial cylinders (for beer, hydroponics, and welding).

Extinguisher Recharging

We recharge fire extinguishers in our shop and perform hydro-testing of fire extinguishers.  We also sell refurbished fire extinguishers and new fire extinguishers for your correct application.